How to Gain Weight

With all the emphasis on losing weight in our society, it is surprising to learn that for some people

foods help gain weight

there is a need to gain weight. Besides those who are chronically ill or suffer from an eating disorder, there is also a group of people who are naturally very thin and would like to “fill out” a bit.
For those dealing with an eating disorder or are seriously underweight due to a medical condition, it is recommended that they seek professional help. Psychologists and nutritionists are trained to deal with these types of problems and it is not a good idea to tackle them alone.
For the group that is healthy, but underweight, a systematic approach to gaining weight is best. If a person falls into this group, it is not a good idea for him to go out and binge on high fat food. That is not healthy for anyone. He needs to have a gradual gain of weight. First of all diet is important since he probably wants the weight he gains to be lean weight and not fat. He needs to concentrate on proteins and complex carbs. Foods such as nuts are a good idea because they have healthy fats and additional nutrients. Supplemental drinks such can be used in a pinch, but most of a person’s calories should come from regular food. If a person cannot eat more at his meals, he should consider eating several smaller meals several times a day or snacking regularly.

Gain Weight The Easy Way

The easiest way to add calories is to add higher calorie foods to his everyday food. Try to keep it nutritious. Add powdered milk to milk. Add higher calorie fruits and vegetables such as corn and avocados to salads and casseroles. If a person only needs a gradual gain of weight this is the easiest way to do it.
While one may not think he needs to exercise, it is probably a good idea. Lifting weights is actually a good way to gain weight since muscle weighs more than fat. Because building muscle is a more intensive activity for your body than storing fat, this is the best way to have a gradual gain of weight.
One important reason a person would want a gradual gain of weight is that the digestive system may not be able to handle a faster approach. All body systems need time to adapt to changes. Overindulging in anything can lead to pain and suffering.

Gain Weight Gradually

A gradual gain in weight does not necessarily mean it will be lean. Just adding extra calories a day without increasing metabolism will lead to a slow weight gain, but if the muscles are not challenged it will mostly be fat.
This is not to say that people who need to gain weight do not need to gain fat. Fat is also needed for some hormones to work appropriately and some vitamins cannot be absorbed without fat.
In conclusion, our society is so focused on weight loss that those who need to gain weight seldom get respect, but it can be as difficult for the naturally thin person to gain weight as it is for the overweight person to lose it.

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